There are about the land prophets of doom pronouncing judgments on the United States for sponsoring the Annapolis Peace Conference that could lead to a division of a portion of the land of Israel, and the creation of a Palestinian state...balderdash! Have we so soon forgotten that it was Jehovah/Elohim/Adanoi/El-Shaddai/Yehoshua (Jesus) that not only divided David's Kingdom, but sent [the so-called lost] 10 tribes into Assyrian captivity [only a handful of which have returned to Israel]; sent the remaining two tribes into Babylonian captivity for 70 years [only a handful of which have ever returned and most are still there??]; destroyed Solomon's Temple; destroyed Herod's Temple; and after killing several million of His people in the fall of Jerusalem by the Romans, disbursed His people throughout the entire earth from 70 A.D. until 1948 [only a handful of which have ever returned to the land, and most are still wherever ??]. The cost of disobedience is a very high price to pay, indeed!

        So then, the United States will not be judged by God: even if Israel ends up with no land!

        I have attached the wisdom and utterance of two prophetic voices that I believe have tapped into the true heart of God on the dividing-of-the-land Israeli question. The first is an utterance [originally spoken June 26, 2003] by a Jewish prophetic voice, Nita (LaFond) Johnson. Division of the Land of Israel  (http://www.worldforjesus.org)

        The second utterance is by Kriston Couchey. Israel Divided  (http://propheticparables.mysite.com)

        Christians must always remember that God is about peopleHis peopleand not about land. And, if one searches the Scriptures concerning the land promised to Israel, it extends even unto the Euphrates River. which is now Iraq. It also consumes all of Jordan and portions of both Syria and Iran (c/p. Deut. 1:4; 11:24; and Josh. 1:4). When Israel returns to God...the land is no issue, whatsoever!  Until that day, God, Himself, will always preserve for Himself a remnant of the children of Israel; and His primary purpose in this season of the age of grace is to reap a harvest of all the peoples of the Middle East [including Jews] into the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ.

2007-2009 Walter James Taylor

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