MARK 13 Pg 2


Persecution of and in the early Jewish Church


 13:9  But take heed to yourselves [the early Church, which was 100% Jewish]: for

            [1] they shall deliver you up

[a.] to councils [the Sanhedrin, as well as the council in each synagogue]; and

            [2] in the synagogues

[a.] ye shall be beaten: and

            [3] ye shall be brought before

                        [a.] rulers and

                        [b.] kings

                                    [11.] for my sake,

[12.] for a testimony

[aa.] against them [this was completely fulfilled in the ministry of the Apostle Paul, but shall have a second fulfillment during the Antichrist Covenant week...the last 7 years of this: the age of grace].


The publishing of the gospel among all nations fixes the fulfillment of this prophecy to the end times


 13:10  And the gospel must first be published

[1] among all nations [before His second coming to the earth].


 13:11  But when they [Jews and Gentiles bringing the persecution against Jewish Christians] shall

            [1] lead [you], and

            [2] deliver you up,

                        [a.] take no thought beforehand

[11.] what ye shall speak,

                        [b.] neither do ye premeditate: but

                        [c.] whatsoever shall be given you

[11.] in that hour,

                                                [aa.] that speak ye:

                                                [ab.] for it is not ye that speak,

[111.] but the Holy Ghost.


Division within families


 13:12  Now

            [1] the brother shall betray [c/p. Matt. 10:21]

[a.] the brother to death, and

            [2] the father [shall betray]

[a.] the son [to death]; and

            [3] children shall rise up

[a.] against [their] parents,

                                    [11.] and shall cause them

[aa.] to be put to death.


Universal hatred of born again Jews after the Rapture


 13:13  And

            [1] ye shall be hated of all [men] [Jewish Christians hated by all after the Rapture of the Church]

                        [a.] for my name's sake [hated for the name of Jesus]: but

            [2] he that shall endure unto the end [the second coming of Jesus (c/p. Matt. 10:22; Matt. 24:13],

                        [b.] the same shall be saved. 

Persecution during the time of Jacob’s trouble 

 13:14  But

            [1] when ye [Jewish disciples (c/p. Mark 13:3)] shall see

[a.] the abomination of desolation [the Antichrist (Dan. 9:27)],

                                    [11.] spoken of by Daniel the prophet,

                                    [12.] standing where it ought not [in the temple in Jerusalem],

[aa.] (let him that readeth [this prophesy is for a time when the gospel would be published in printed form] understand,) then

            [2] let them that be in Judæa [the remnant of Israel]

[a.] flee to the mountains (Rev. 12:6, Rev. 12:14):

 13:15  And

            [3] let him that is on the housetop

                        [a.] not go down into the house,

                        [b.] neither enter [therein],

                                    [11.] to take any thing out of his house:

 13:16  And

            [4] let him that is in the field

                        [a.] not turn back again

[11.] for to take up his garment.

  13:17  But

            [5] woe to them

                        [a.] that are with child, and to them

                        [b.] that give suck in those days!

 13:18  And

            [6] pray ye that your flight

[a.] be not in the winter.


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