MATTHEW 23-24 Pg 5


The days of Noah:

The first half of the Antichrist Covenant week


 24:37  But

[1] as the days of Noe [Noah; see Luke 17:26] [were],

                        [a.] so shall also

[11.] the coming

[aa.] of the Son of man be.

 24:38  For

[2] as in the days

[a.] that were before the flood

[11.] they were

                                                [aa.] eating and

                                                [ab.] drinking,

                        [ac.] giving in marriage,

[111.] until the day that

[aaa.] Noe entered into the ark [marriage will be honored in the earth until the Rapture of the Church at the mid-point of the Antichrist Covenant week],

 24:39                                                 [112.] And knew not

[aaa.] until the flood came [Noah was shut up in the ark seven days before the flood came], and

[aab.] took them all away [because they did not repent];

            [3] so shall also

[a.] the coming

[11.] of the Son of man be [as it was in Noah’s time, so also today—the  world will not repent so they might be saved and escape the wrath of God to come].


The unsaved world is gathered to the place of judgment:

Armageddon (Rev. 16:12-16)


 24:40  Then

[1] shall two be in the field [c/p. Luke 17:34];

                        [a.] the one shall be taken, and

                        [b.] the other left.

 24:41  [2] Two [women shall be] grinding at the mill;

                        [a.] the one shall be taken, and

                        [b.] the other left.

 24:42  Watch therefore (Matt. 25:13; Mark 13:35-37; Luke 21:36):

            [1] for ye know not what hour

[a.]  your Lord doth come.


Parable of the goodman


 24:43  But know this,

            [1] that if the goodman of the house

                        [a.] had known

                                    [11.] in what watch

                                                [aa.] the thief would come,

                                    [12.] he would have watched, and

                                    [13.] [he] would not have suffered his house

                                                [aa.] to be broken up.

 24:44  Therefore

[1] be ye also ready:

                        [a.] for in such an hour

[11.] as ye think not

                                    [12.] the Son of man cometh.


Parable of the faithful and wise servant


 24:45  Who then is a faithful

[1] and wise servant,

                        [a.] whom his lord hath made ruler

[11.] over his household,

                                    [12.] to give them meat in due season?

 24:46  [2] Blessed [is] that servant,

                        [a.] whom his lord when he cometh

[11.] shall find so doing.

 24:47  [3] Verily I say unto you,

                        [a.] That he shall make him ruler

[11.] over all his goods.


 24:48  But and if that evil servant

            [1] shall say in his heart,

                        [a.] My lord delayeth his coming;

 24:49  And

            [2] shall begin to smite

[a.] [his] fellowservants, and

            [3] to eat and drink

[a.] with the drunken;


 24:50  [4] The lord of that servant

[a.] shall come

                                    [11.] in a day

[aa.] when he looketh not for [him], and

                                    [12.] in an hour that

[aa.] he is not aware of,

 24:51  [5] And shall

                        [a.] cut him asunder, and

                        [b.] appoint [him] his portion

[11.] with the hypocrites:

                                                [aa.] there shall be weeping and

[ab.] [there shall be] gnashing of teeth [a picture of hell].


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