A prophetic utterance from the Lord, September 9, 2003

“For the Lord, He is good.  His mercy endures forever and ever, not just right now, but forever.  I will never be without need for His goodness and His mercy, for they are much deeper than is generally known by my sons and daughters, saith the Lord.

            You say, ‘How could I possibly need His mercy in heaven, although I can see and perceive that His goodness surrounds all who are in that place.  But, why will we still need His mercy in a place where there is no sin and no danger?’  The answer is simple.

            My goodness is a function of my mercy.  It is because of my mercy that I am able to flood my creation with all the good there is, and if that’s not enough, I just create more.  For I have an endless supply of goodness to lavish upon my creation—because of my mercy.  It is also because of my mercy, that I am love and lovely in all that I am, and all that I do.  I am a loving, lovely and lavious God, all because of my mercy that endures forever. 

            It is also because of my mercy that I change not, that I am the same, yesterday, today and forever.  My goodness is constant because I am constant.  It will take an eternity to even begin to plumb the depths of my mercy, because it will take that long to really get to know me, for the revelation of me you have now is but a grain of Sahara sand, a drop in an ocean’s flow.

            Come and learn of me, for truly I am meek and lowly, and my mercy has brought me down to where you are, so that I may lift you up to where I dwell, and how I smell in the nostrils of even your earthly life.  Don’t wait unto or until you get up here.  Begin to plumb the depths of my goodness and my mercy while you are in the earth realm.  For I am a too much God, who wants to reveal myself unto you and through you and to you and through all who will seek after me with a whole and holy heart that’s hungry for me.

            David was a man that was hungry for my heart.  He found me, and wrote much concerning me, for through him I was able to reveal myself in my Word.  But, ‘now is this time,’ because of the blood of my Son—another manifestation of my mercy—you can know me in ways and depths that David could not, because the secrete place of the Most High has come to dwell within you in a far greater measure than it could in David.

            So know and flow, and come and go into my courts and tabernacles of joy and praise, because of my mercy that will allow you and cause you to see much more of me.  Come into my presence with singing, and into my courts with praise.  For my goodness and my mercy endures forever, and ever, and ever, and ever and ever and ever, and when you take a break because you are overwhelmed, I just keep on going and being, for I am that I am—the great I am—and in you can be as “I am” as me.

            This is the mystery of godliness, that I manifested myself through my Son, that we might also be one.  I in you and you in me, with glorious wonders for you to see, and behold, as you explore the depths of me.  For I am holy, as you are holy and righteous because of me, because of my mercy that has set you free to become just like me.  For this is what I created you to be, just like me!  Saith the Lord.”  

© 2005 Walter J. Taylor, Walter James Taylor

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