And The Law of the Repeated Opportunity

 A prophetic utterance from the Lord, October 18, 2004 

“Yes, welfare is a curse, saith the Lord, because it violates one of my Universal Laws of Success, which is The Law of the Repeated Opportunity, saith the Lord.  This law, simply put, states that there is a momentum built up in the realm of the spirit, when one repeatedly at every opportunity seeks to break through the cycle of poverty, with all that he or she has, can learn, and can bring to bare in their repeated attempts to break through into a large and a wealthy place.

The Scripture says to, ‘Be not weary in well doing, for in due season you shall reap, if you faint not.’   When the season is due, on the next opportunity, breakthrough not only shall come, but must come.  Unseen forces are at work each time you sow into your own life by the faithful execution of whatever opportunity or opportunities that I have placed before you, whether in or outside of my family and Covenant, saith the Lord.

A universal law works when it is put to work, saith the Lord.  The opportunity before you may be a school, a low paying job, or several low paying jobs at the same time in order to make ends meet.  But, as you are faithful in the little, I will make you ruler over much, saith the Lord.

What welfare does, except as a last resort in the most temporary of measures, is to cut off the opportunity to break out of poverty, by the process of becoming comfortable in poverty.  Divine discomfort, my Divinely inspired discomfort, will eventually cause you or one to break through on every side, if one will laboriously work the opportunities present, practice faithfulness and stewardship in learning how to handle money and the creation of capital (expenses versus investment cash), and pursue whatever educational or training opportunities that I will provide along the way, saith the Lord, and whether or not one is in my family and an heir to my Covenants of Promise, saith the Lord.  Why?  Because a universal law works for whosoever will put it to work, saith the Lord.

The process can and will usually take a number of years to accomplish, but financial independence can be achieved in a lifetime in spite of numerous obstacles from a variety of sources, which often work at cross purposes.  But, by the authority of my Word, breakthrough after breakthrough will eventually come by the faithful execution of whatever opportunity or opportunities are set before the person, family or community that is determined to break free from the cycle of poverty that grips portions of America.  And because these are spiritual laws, they will work in any society, culture or country that will put them to work.

‘Be not weary in will doing, for in due season you shall reap, if you faint not [give in, cave in, or quit], saith the Lord.  ‘Well,’ some would say, what about racism?  We’ve tried that before.  As to racism, I’m in the process of fixing that, saith the Lord.  You be about your Father’s business, and leave the racism issues up to me, saith the Lord, for when I fix a thing, it shall be fixed indeed, saith the Lord.”

© 2005 Walter J. Taylor, Walter James Taylor

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