A prophetic utterance from the Lord, October 9, 2004 

“Yes, saith the Lord, I see, I know, I believe the love that I have for my people, that I have created, in righteousness and true holiness, although in practice, few ever attain to the place and position in me that I have prepared for them since before the foundation of the world, saith the Lord.

I walk, I talk, I see, and I believe the love that I have for my imperfect people that I have created, though my creation was in perfection, but sin and unbelief in all of its manifestations can carry even those that I love far away from my love and my plan for their lives; or, like Mr. Jefferson [Thomas Jefferson] walk in nearness to my plan, but carry with them even for a lifetime ‘baggage’ of one sort or another that is not from me, saith the Lord God of Hosts, Jesus is my name.

And, yes, I raised up Mr. Jefferson, and was successful in ordering his life in the main, so that I could achieve through his hand this nation of America that I love, but in he and in it contain much so much that is not of me or my plan, saith the Lord.

Exalt the Lord, thy God, and not the man or woman that I use to execute my plan for this or for that.  Honor those to whom honor is due, but exalt me, and not them, saith the Lord.  It is then and only then, that when you discover a ‘black dot’ in someone’s life, or this sin or that one, or this inconsistency or that one—even to the point of outright hypocrisy (at least on the surface)—that your faith cannot be shaken in the product of what I was able to achieve through them—in spite of, and not because of—that in the final analysis you can simply say, ‘Praise the Lord, for His mercy truly endures forever,’ saith the Lord.

Martin Luther King, Jr. as well as Thomas Jefferson each were kingpins in the development of this nation, whom I was able to work through in spite of inconsistencies in their lives that would not hold up under a magnifying glass:  Mr. Jefferson in his relations with his slave women, and Dr. King in this excess while out on the road in some of the women who followed his ministry.  Both had areas of sin in their lives, yet I was able to use both mightily in working my will for this nation, and both are worthy of double honor, from me and from you, and all of you, saith the Lord God.

Prove all things, and hold fast to that which is good, saith the Lord, and remember that with the same judgment that you judge other with, I will judge you, saith the Lord.  Phrased differently, the very sin and inconsistency that you freely and easily find in others, is most often the one that you cannot see or find in yourself, particularly if the opportunity was at hand.

So, learn from the good, and don’t dwell on the evil or the inconsistencies.  Admit them and move on.  If you hid them, or sweep them under the rug, as it were, you end up deceiving yourself, and self-deception is of the highest order of magnitude.

Learn from the mistakes of others, and the ‘in spite offs’ in the lives of others.  For when you attempt to rewrite the history of the life of someone else to suite your self-deceived ‘picture’ that you would like to portray of them, you end up rewriting the ‘history’ of your own life, and you will not like the outcome of that, saith the Lord.”

© 2005 Walter J. Taylor, Walter James Taylor

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