A prophetic utterance from the Lord, October 1, 2004

            “Reconstruction was a failure, and Republicans were in charge.  These are mere historical facts, saith the Lord.  Yet, in my mercy and long suffering, I have waited until now to demand of the nation that I have established and whose politics I control to fix the things that should have been done in 1865, at the close of the Civil War.

Yes, times are different, but the issues are not, saith the Lord, and I have raised up and trained my servant, George W. Bush, in the attributes of terrorism, and in the national liberation of a people caught in its grips.  It is I, saith the Lord, who have liberated the peoples of Afghanistan and Iraq, not solely because such was needed to open the doors for my gospel to come into these nations, but to serve as current examples of what I fully expect and require of America, as a prerequisite to the glory I have prepared for her since before the foundation of the world, saith the Lord.

I work through people, saith God.  Though I am God, I work through people, and I have been successful in training my man of God that I have set over this nation, to see into the lessons of national liberation, and apply those lessons 140 years late, to totally and completely weave into the national fabric of every level of society black people, that the legacy and residue of slavery can be forgotten, because all of its traces have been removed.

Some of this will take time, but the Unites States does not have much time, because my Son in coming back to rule and reign on the earth, and I must posture the world for His second coming, saith the Lord.

It is my heartfelt desire to use this nation as my key messenger to take my gospel to the ends of the earth, saith the Lord.  But, as a shinning example of the liberty I have for the nations of the earth until the return of my Son to rule and reign, I am becoming increasingly limited and will eventually be stopped in my use of the United States, because her national documents which I caused to be written by imperfect men are stained in blood—the blood of the African slave, saith the Lord.

Together, we can remove the bloodstains off of the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and countless laws and court decisions.  I am willing, saith the Lord.  What about you, saith God?

© 2005 Walter J. Taylor, Walter James Taylor

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