A prophetic utterance and prophesy from the Lord, September 12, 2004 

What About the Bill for Slavery?

Question:  And, Father, what about the bill [for slavery for slavery in the United States] that is to be paid?

Answer:  “As to that, my son, they will not hear, until I have judged the money of this nation again and again, and then and only then they will hear, and then will they obey, saith the Lord.” 

The Bill Must Be Paid 

A prophetic utterance and prophesy from the Lord, September 13, 2004 

“For I am the Lord, I change not, therefore you are not consumed in your iniquity as would be the case with any but a Holy and righteous and merciful God:  for I am that I am, saith the Holy One of Israel.

Walk circumspectly, redeeming the time for the days are exceedingly evil and darkness is beginning to cover the earth like a thick cloud of vapor.  But you are a shinning light, my shinning light, to show forth my praises and my glory in this the darkest hour for America since I created her, saith the Lord.

Shine forth, from sea to shinning sea with the light that I have given you, and it shall indeed grow brighter and brighter until you can see things as me, as I see them as pertaining to many things that I have both called you and Anointed you to look into and see, and take heed and learn of me and learn from me the things you must know to fulfill these times and seasons of your life….

          And, yes, I am He that has sanctified thee and set the apart before the foundation of the world I ordained thee to be a prophet to the nations, and a prophet to this nation, the United States of America.  A prophet of love and a prophet of grace, but also a prophet of judgment to execute my wrath, I have ordained you to execute my wrath and the judgment written upon a nation that used my people as human chattels to create for themselves pockets of institutionalized wealth that have been invested and reinvested and has grown into trillions of dollars, while many of my sons and daughters just ‘hang out on the streets, without even a clue that by the authority of my Word, that wealth not only belongs to them, but they can gain access to it in this life as they learn how to handle this wealth, for truly, Prosperity ruinneth the fool, saith the Lord.

            So, in the ebb and flow of the day, months, and even years to come, you must with love and with patience build a compelling case in whatever forum I open unto you, that I have spoken in my Word and, yes, the bill must, must, must be paid, saith the Lord."                                                                              

© 2004 Walter J. Taylor, Walter James Taylor

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