A prophetic utterance from the Lord, June 14, 2007

“For, have I not said in my Word that, ‘This is the day of salvation. If you hear His voice—hear my voice—harden not you heart as it were in the day of provocation, in the day my people tempted me in the wilderness, and heard my voice as it were for 40 years in the wilderness as they wandered from pillar to post because they refused to walk ten or eleven days in order to go into the land of promise that I had already given them, saith the Lord.

Likewise, saith the Lord, are my people in this day and in this hour also wandering aimlessly from pillar to post, and are about this or that, and not earnestly about the earnest business that I have set before them: the healing and salvation of this, my land of promise [a reference to the United States of America], that they are already in, saith the Lord of Hosts.

So to shall it be, saith the Lord, as it was in the days of old, that many, if not most over 25 shall die without ever having seen or received the land of promise in this their promised land that they are already in, and that I have already given to them, saith the Lord.

So, you say, ‘What are you talking about, Father? Make it plain. Give me an understanding of what you have reference to, and of what you are talking about so that I may write this vision and joyfully run with dispatch when I read it.’

I am talking about the second coming of my Son to fill the earth with His Glory before He literally and physically comes to take His Bride home to rule and reign with Him forever, saith the Lord God.”

‘How so, Father God? What is this ‘second coming of Jesus’ Glory that most of us will die without ever having seen or received it; and why is this Glory unique to these United States of America?’

 “Because here in this land, in these United States there is a greater glory available for my people to tap into because there is a greater residue of my Spirit on deposit here because of the deep, deep revelation of my Word that has been unleashed in this past century and into this new day in me, saith the Lord.

But, saith the Lord, my people who have received these deep, deep revelations into my Word continue to let them slip, and only walk in the revelation of this or that for a short time before they go on to the next new thing, saith the Lord. But you have discerned and have attempted to hold onto the revelations of the past, with not a great deal of success. These revelations when layered in the Divine order in which I release them will cause these my chosen ones to walk in the fullness of the anointing that I have placed upon my Son, Jesus.

It is my very, very earnest desire, saith the Lord, to see my Son, Jesus, multiplied not only in this Nation, saith the Lord, but throughout the world, wherever I shall send them in this day, and in this hour, saith the Lord of Hosts. My very special chosen Anointed ones for this day and for this hour, saith the Lord, are those who will layer their hearts with the abundance of revelation from my Word, and then act on it, on this indwelt power, like you…like each of you were the Son of God, because you are—for this is what I saved you for and desire you to become: sons and daughters of God, walking in the power, authority and Anointing of Jesus, saith the Lord of Hosts.

This power to be like Jesus is in my Word: for the Anointing of my Spirit is resident within my Word, because it is the voice of my Spirit which is the true author of my Word, saith the Lord. Jesus was severely limited during His life and ministry on the earth, because He, the Spirit, and I caused Him to walk and minister solely as a prophet…the last prophet under the Old Covenant, saith the Lord. All that Jesus did, He accomplished by walking in the fullness of the privilege, power, and Anointing of an Old Covenant prophet. My people in this day and in this hour have no such limitations, saith the Lord of Hosts.

You, each of you, in this day and in this hour can accomplish greater than the ministry works of Jesus, because your Covenant in His sinless blood provides for you—actually gives you direct access to all the power that I posses, except in my throne, saith the Lord.  A study of Joseph’s relationship, power, privilege and limitations with Pharaoh is a picture of my desired relationship with my people in this day and hour, saith the Lord.

All the stuff in my universe belongs to me, saith the Lord; but I administer none of it. That power and privilege belongs to each and every one of you, saith the Lord; but, like my people lost and wandering the their wilderness for 40 years, I cannot for the life of me get my people to walk 10 of 11 days of preparation to enter this land of both spiritual and physical promise that I have prepared for them since before the foundation of the word, saith the Lord; and this is especially true in the United States of America, saith the Lord.

So, meditate on these my ‘precepts and statutes’ of the Spirit exactly the way I have given you to meditate on my written precepts and statutes of my Word, and walk your 10 or 11 days of preparation to enter this end time flow that I have prepared for you in this your land of promise, for here in this land there are few real hindrances for you to walk in the fullness of me, saith the Lord God.

Prepare yourself to walk, think, an act like God, saith the Lord. For what son of a loving father is ashamed or embarrassed to act, talk, think, and walk in the dominion and authority of His Daddy, saith God? But, my people who are the closest to me in my Word, are so busy trying not to take my Glory that they refuse to take up my Glory—the Glory that I have given them from the foundation of the world, and was resident in Adam, and Jesus gave to His church in the 17th Chapter of John…the Glory of the Blessing sealed in the Blood of Jesus to walk with God, talk like God, act like God, and exercise the power and dominion of God in the earth realm—that they dishonor me and wander in their wilderness and most will die in their wilderness without ever receiving or walking the God Anointing that I have given to each and every one of them, saith the Lord, Jesus.

So, a prophet to this Nation I have called, appointed, Anointed, and ordained you for such a time as this, saith the Lord of Hosts. See yourself as God. Learn to walk, talk, think and act like [you are] rooted and grounded, grounded and limited by my revealed will that I have recorded in my Word, listening intently at all times to the voice of my Spirit, as I prompt you here and there to do, or not do this or that, saith the Lord.

But, in my throne I am greater, much greater than you, saith God; but, don’t you tell the heathen that, and I certainly won’t, saith God—and, most of the rest of my people are too spiritually dense to know either, saith the Lord. Just go out and act like God! saith the Lord. I’m bigger than you, and greater than any mistakes you may, and probably will make. But, I’ve got your back, your top, bottom and sides, saith God. I’ve got you covered in the Blood of my Son, saith the Lord. This is the day and the hour for you, each of you to walk, yea and run in the full manifestation of my power, saith the Lord. And don’t worry about any mistakes that you may and will make. A son does not immediately walk in all of the dominion and power of his father all at once, saith the Lord. I’ll correct you in love in our quiet time, which must be daily, saith the Lord

And, most assured, saith the Lord, I want this more than you do, saith the Lord. This is what I created you for…a dad, watching his sons and daughters doing his stuff with all the power and authority that he himself would execute, saith God. Go for it, saith the Lord! This is my will for your life, saith the God of hosts, saith the Lord Jesus.

Many peoples of old have desired to see these days, saith God, for these truly are the days of Elijah, saith the Lord; and you, yes you, saith the Lord, like Elijah shall call down fire from heaven, my fire…the fire of me, saith the Lord. And, it shall burn in an unquenchable fire until it has reached the core of this Nation so that I may serve and heal it, and then glorify it with the Glory that I have prepared for it since before the foundation of the world, saith the Lord…saith the Lord God.”

© 2007 Walter J. Taylor, Walter James Taylor

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