A prophetic utterance from the Lord, June 4, 2007

Question:  Good morning, Father.  Anything to say to me this morning?

Answer: Only that I love you son, and intend to meet your every need according to my riches in Glory by the Anointing that I have placed upon my Son, Jesus: which is the same Anointing that I have placed upon you.

For, truly, this is the day and the hour of my power. Walk in the Spirit and deny your flesh the indulgences that it clearly does not need. And, yes, you will go higher, and higher in my Grace and Glory, for I have determined to turn this Nation to me as never before, and I have both determined and appointed you as the key instrument to effectuate the turn, turn, and turning to me—a turning back to me—for though it was me in the beginning, it has been me and money throughout the years since the beginning, and I do not and will not share my Glory with money, for it is merely a tool to be used for this or that.

But, you are the instrument of my Glory in this hour and [to] return and turn this Nation back to me, saith the Lord. So, walk upright before me in Spirit and in Truth, that is: in my Word, and I will free you from all the bondages of corruption that have plagued you throughout your life, and you shall be turned into the glorious liberty of a Son of God.

For, now is the hour, and this is the day of my power for this Nation, and for your people who have served me faithfully since the time of their slavery, and I will honor them in this hour as I will honor you for your obedience and preparation for me in my Word over many, many years.

It is time, now, to preach my Word. It is also time to prophesy when I give the unction. For I have much to say in this day and in this hour as I turn this Nation, and return this Nation to be the primary instrument, to be my primary instrument for national liberation not only of your people, but for all of the oppressed people of the world who have been held in bondage by the forces of evil, and forces of evil which have even operated throughout the years in my people, saith the Lord.

Walk circumspectly; redeem the time for the days are truly evil. But in these last and evil days, I will manifest my Glory through you, and through other of my children, and it shall be such an awesome Glory that has never been seen since the foundation of the world.

And I will offer up a sacrifice of praise  for the soon coming of the Lord, and you shall also be used mightily by me to bring forth the songs of the Lord that shall be sung by my people throughout the world, saith the Lord...

Be ready, and get ready. Stay awake, for when I move, and I indeed shall move on your behalf on this day, and in this hour, saith the Lord. When I move, I will move suddenly, and with such power and Glory that you will even say: “Wow, only God could have done this thing for me!” saith the Lord.

© 2007 Walter J. Taylor, Walter James Taylor

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