March 1, 2011—Introducing the fresh, dynamic, and prophetic teaching of Walter James Taylor, preaching an insightful and powerful word on the love of Jesus; the power of the cross; the authority of the Word of God; the prophetic end times; and how easy it is to heal the sick.

Come, hear, and see Jesus confirm His Word with signs, wonders, and notable miracles while souls, souls, and souls are being added into the kingdom of God.

Pastor Taylor is the founder of Walnut Harvest Media Group. He is ordained under the watchful hand of Houston’s Charles and Francis Hunter, known around the world as two of the most anointed and energetic evangelists in the Body of Christ; and whose ministry over the past 30 years has produced over a billion recorded salvations and multiplied millions of people healed by the power of God and gifts of the Holy Spirit (www.cfhunter.org).

Brother Taylor is a 24/7 student of the Word of God over the past 30 years; and for the past 11 years has taught to the world on the web concerning the Coming Events In Bible Prophecy and the order of end time events that must proceed the second coming of Jesus to reign over the earth (www.whattimeitis.org). He is also an accomplished trumpet player, and incorporates his prophetic horn into his preaching, teaching, and healing ministry.

Pastor Taylor has just released his book, For The Security Of Israel Find Joseph (www.securityofisrael.com), where he speaks as a prophet of God and demonstrates by a detailed chronicle of all that the Lord promised to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Sarah, Rebekah and Hagar—coupled with a detailed tracking of the subsequent history of Israel recorded in the Bible down to God's reestablishing Israel as a nation in 1948—that the multitudes of the natural seed and nations that God swore in blood that Abraham and his seed would become cannot possibly be fulfilled in the 13+ million Jews alive on the earth today; but that most of the Hebrew seed of Abraham and Israel are hidden somewhere in the earth; and they are not Jewish or Arab, and those of us in the Church are the spiritual seed of Abraham, and not his natural seed.

Retrace the Abrahamic Covenant and the power of God’s promises to Israel by opening and reading portions the book online, “For The Security Of Israel Find Joseph”. Available in hardback; also in ebook for under $10.00.

To schedule Brother Taylor for a time of teaching and healing in your church, synagogue, business or social group, temple or mosque, he may be reached at (925) 457-1611 (USA) or at taylor@whattimeitis.org.  

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