Seven years to clean the land


 39:9  And they that dwell in the cities of Israel

            [1] shall go forth, and

            [2] shall set on fire and

            [3] [shall] burn the weapons, both

                        [a.] the shields and

                        [b.] the bucklers,

                        [c.] the bows and

                        [d.] the arrows, and

                        [e.] the handstaves, and

                        [f.] the spears, and

            [4] they shall burn them with fire seven years:

 39:10             [a.] So that they shall

                                    [11.] take no wood out of the field,

                                    [12.] neither cut down [any] out of the forests; for

            [5] they shall burn the weapons with fire: and

            [6] they shall spoil those that spoiled them, and

            [6] [they shall] rob those that robbed them,

                        [a.] saith the Lord GOD.


The armies of Gog shall fall and be buried on the mountains of Israel


 39:11  And it shall come to pass in that day, [that]

            [1] I will give unto Gog

[a.] a place there of graves in Israel,

                                    [11.] the valley of the passengers

                                    [12.] on the east of the sea  

[***Gog shall fall upon the mountains of Israel (Ezek 39:4 ), upon an open field (Ezek. 39:5), in the valley of the passengers (vs. 11), on the east of the sea (most likely east of the Sea of Galilee in the Golan Heights—territory captured from Syria (vs. 11)—further evidence of which is that Gog and his confederacy of nations come from the north (Ezek. 38:6, Ezek. 38:15; Ezek. 39:2); see also Isaiah. 17:1 and Ezek. 38:4]



[13.] it shall stop the [noses] of the passengers [passengers on the land-bridge through the Golan Heights, which connects Europe and Asia with Africa]: and

                                    [14.] there shall they bury Gog

[aa.] and all his multitude: and

                                    [15.] they shall call [it]

[b.] The valley of Hamongog [lit., the multitude of God].

 39:12  And

            [2] seven months shall the house of Israel

[a.] be burying of them,

                                    [11.] that they may cleanse the land.

 39:13  [3] Yea, all the people of the land shall bury [them]; and

            [4] it shall be to them a renown

[a.] the day [this destruction comes in one day]

[11.] that I shall be glorified,

                                    [12.] saith the Lord GOD.

 39:14  And

            [5] they shall sever out

[a.] men of continual employment,

                                    [11.] passing through the land

                                                [aa.] to bury with the passengers

[111.] those that remain upon the face of the earth,

                                                [ab.] to cleanse it:

[111.] after the end of seven months shall they search.

 39:15  And

            [6] the passengers [that] pass through the land,

                        [a.] when [any] seeth a man's bone,

            [7] then shall he set up a sign by it,

                        [a.] till the buriers have buried it

                                    [11.] in the valley of Hamongog.

 39:16  [8] And also the name of the city

[a.] [shall be] Hamonah [lit., to the multitude].

            [9] Thus shall they cleanse the land.

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