A prophetic utterance from the Lord, June 11, 2007

“Yes, you have rightly discerned, my son, that as to a judgment from me upon the United States, that as I have said to others, saith the Lord, I now say to you, too…I will not send a judgment upon the United States of America, for she is a nation that was and is dedicated unto me, and was and is the major perpetrator of the Gospel…of my Gospel…around the world. I do not, and never work against myself, to achieve my ends of taking out a Bride for my Son, Jesus of Nazareth, the Lord High Exalted Ruler of my universe, saith the Lord. 

But, as you have also rightly discerned, as to the issues of slavery, I do not have to send a judgment upon America, for in and through my Word I have already set judgments in motion, and they are self-executing…the curse causeless does not come, and never will, saith the Lord.

I have set in motion in the First Chapter of my Word, in Genesis, the master law of my universe: the seed is in itself, and everything reproduces after its own kind! And, in the Sixth Chapter of the Book of Galatians I have reiterated the same law...Be not deceived, God is not—and will not—be mocked. Whatever a man, woman, child, city, state, or nation sows, it or they shall reap, saith the Lord. [Gen. 1:11-12; 6:20; Gal. 6:7]

Having once set this law—my law into motion—it cannot change, because my laws are part of me, of my essence, and I am the Lord, and I change not, saith the Lord.

If I were to change any of my laws, I would become a contradiction and would cease to exist, saith the Lord…and because I am me, and the me that I am is Love, I love not only you, but I love myself and apply love to myself; and this is why I am unchangeable, because Love, my love and I never fail…the reason Love never fails is because I never fail, and this is why you can trust that whatever it is that I say, it will certainly come to pass, saith the Lord. It may not come to pass in a given day or hour, because I reserve the right to make adjustments in the timing of this or that, and by and through prayer and the authority that I have given to my Church, there are some things that you can stop or lessen the intensity of; nevertheless my Word shall surely stand in the councils of heaven and throughout eternity, saith the Lord.

As for slavery, this terror was instituted and perpetrated by my people—the same people that founded this, my nation—for the purpose of greed and self-righteousness, saith the Lord. Greed and unrighteousness resulting from their own self-righteousness produced a terror-based economic institution around the world that has tainted the integrity of my Word in the people and the religions of the world, saith the Lord of Hosts.

My people, some of which pray to me daily and worship me on Sundays nevertheless with the consciences seared with a hot iron practiced this terror-based economic institution for generations, saith the Lord; but yet, though they have spread my Gospel throughout the world, yet cannot fully escape the judgments already spoken in this same Word that they have taken here, there, and everywhere throughout the world, saith the Lord…the Gospel in one hand, and their debauchery in the other, saith the Lord Jesus: and that is my name, and ‘salvation’ is my game…in the master game that I always play, in spite of what my people do, or don’t do, saith the Lord.

As for the United States, saith the Lord, have I not said in my Word that ‘judgment must begin at the House of the Lord’, saith the Lord; and the only national ‘nation-house’ that I have on the earth today is the United States of America, saith the Lord…and I remind you, again, that I do not work against myself, saith the Lord. But, as I also remind you, saith the Lord, my judgments are self-executing: and none shall ever fail, but shall surely come, saith he Lord.

As for my sons and daughters that have sought me and my council on this issue, I have answered the question they have asked, ‘Will I judge the United States of America?’ The answer is and will remain, ‘No, I will not!’ But, my son, only you have asked me the second question, ‘Is there anything else from me or from my Word…or any other spiritual law that is already set in motion that will judge the United States if she does not repent?’

Saith the Lord, I will not have you or any other of your people, or any one else in my face for all eternity asking me, saith the Lord, “Why, Father, did you judge Egypt for enslaving your people, but never judged the United States?’ saith the Lord.

So, not only are the master laws of sowing and reaping already set in motion, and are unchangeable, saith the Lord…because I govern myself by my Words that I have spoken and the laws that I have set in motion, saith the Lord. But, because I know the end from before the beginning, I placed in my Word 1500 years before my people would begin this economic debauchery, and 1800 years before the founding of the United States of America, the judgments of James 5:1-8, and my council and the judgments written in my Word shall stand forever, saith the Lord, Jesus.

As the curse causeless shall not come, saith the Lord, only repentance and restitution can stay my hand of judgment, saith the Lord, because this and these judgments are not a new thing from me from the hand of the Lord, which is my Son, Jesus, saith the Lord. But the judgment of 911; New Orleans; Greensburg, Kansas; and the judgments which are yet to come are as a result of the judgments written beginning in the First Chapter of Genesis, saith the Lord. I cannot change the judgments written, even if I wanted to, saith the Lord Jesus. Only you can stay my hand of judgment from the hand of the Lord, by your confession and repentance, saith the Lord; and in the case of the United States, by an open confession and repentance for a Christian-based slavery as an institution held together by not only a Christianized terror, but by the use of my word to justify your acts, saith the Lord. It was not Ham who I cursed; but it is you in the United States who have now let this curse come upon you, saith the Lord.

It was my purpose to destroy Egypt for the gods that she worshiped, and to provide a sanctuary and safe harbor for my people in the land which I had give them by my Word to Abraham…which sanctuary and safe harbor they could have never obtained in the shadow of the military and economic power and might of Egypt. So, because of my love for my people, I had to take down Egypt as a world-ruling nation, saith the Lord. It is not my purpose to take down the United States as a world-ruling power, saith the Lord. Rather, it is my purpose to lift her up in this capacity, because she is of me, and was founded by me, saith the Lord of Hosts.

Any decline and fall of the United States, saith the Lord, will be self-inflicted, saith the Lord, and not from me, saith the Lord of Hosts. A stubborn refusal to repent from the economic greed of slavery will foster and become the root cause of the decline and fall of the United States of America; because in her, just as it was in Egypt, there is a bill yet to be paid from the fair market value of the enormous wealth that was created and compounded through slavery and as a result of slavery. I would be an unjust God and a respecter of nations if I did not require from the United States what I required of Egypt in the way of economic restitution, saith the Lord. Whereas, I harden Pharaoh’s heart for a higher purpose, I will soften President Bush’s heart for the same purpose…to fulfill my will for this land, saith the Lord.

But, there is a bill to be paid, saith the Lord; and after the 400 years since April 29, 1607 at Jamestown, it shall be paid now, saith the Lord, for I in my mercy can no longer stay the clock from the judgments that are written in my Word, saith the Lord Jesus.

What you do from what you have heard from my son and servant will determine exclusively what I can do with this my nation, the United States of America, between now and the soon coming of my greater Son, Jesus, saith the Lord.”

© 2007 Walter J. Taylor, Walter James Taylor

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