A prophetic utterance from the Lord, October 9, 2004

"And, yes, white men have that 'black dot' or self-deceptionbig timeand ever wear it as a badge of honor...in many things, not the least of which are in the matters of race relation and race:  and particularly so concerning the black race.

Nowhere have I ordained that one race of men and women should be superior to another race of women and men, for all races as we know them today have their roots and origins in sin.  For with Noah began I race, and continued it with his sons until at the tower of Babel, when I scattered the sons of men over the face of the whole earth, saith the Lord.

And, yes, the sons of Japheth by which I populated the isles of the Gentiles1, have carried this ‘black dot of self-deception’ to the far corners of the earth, thinking of themselves more highly than they ought to think, because from Acts 10:6-10, when I prevented the Apostle Paul from taking the gospel to Asia but in my Divine providence determined that it should go to Europe, I also caused them to become the recipient depository of my Word, of my gospel, to carry it to the ends of the earth—which they have done—but which they have gotten lifted up on pride in thinking that they themselves were such and such, and such-a-much, not realizing that it was the ‘entrance of my Word2’ which lighted the channels of the sea, and prospered their way.

These same sons of Japheth, which have become the Caucasian race—white people, if you will—when through such servants of mine as Martin Luther, I was able to get my Word into the dark ages of Europe and its barbarous living conditions, and, when my Word began to prosper the white European in the financial realm, they again through pride sought to lift themselves above me, and prosper themselves without me, in the enslaving of the black African (who was without my Word), solely for commercial purposes, greed, and the love of money; and then to rationalize and justify their wickedness, that this debauchery was both necessary and appropriate to ‘save the black heathen souls,’ whereas in truth, it was their souls in need of salvation, because of my Word already at work on their consciences that had been seared3 with the hot iron of greed, licentiousness, lasciviousness and sex.

Herein lies the origin of racism, of the rape of a continent, of the slaughter or enslavement of well over 50,000,000 black Africans, and of the cruelest kind of commercial debauchery for money and for sport, far exceeding the sport of Nero in Rome—rapes, burnings, constant terror, torture of every kind, mutilations, castrations, maimings, daily scourgings, brandings, and lifestyle terrorism—all because the Word of God, my Word was working in their consciences seared with the hot iron of licentiousness lust, in their refusing to walk in my laws of love toward the black Africans, and then their having the audacity to use my Word to rationalize and justify the whole sordid mess.  African slavery is in my eyes a Christian institution, for in every land it touched, all the “heathen” knew “the Christians are coming” in to preach one gospel, but to practice another, saith the Lord.”

Judgment Shall Begin At the House of God 

“It is far past time that ‘judgment shall begin at the house of God4,’ saith the Lord.  That judgment is recorded in the 5th Chapter of James, verses one through eight, and beginning with the United States of America, it will fall on the descendants of the sons of Japheth wherever they have taken this race-based economic slavery throughout the entire world, for it is still true that ‘the sun never sets on the British Empire.’

            Although it was the Portuguese, the Spanish, and the Dutch that pioneered the African slave trade to a world new for them, but which I created for my glory, saith the Lord, it was the British that became the most efficient at it, and the Americans that went the furthest in use of my Word to justify the evil imaginations of their own hearts.  The earthly depository of the throne of David until the return of my Son, and the primary carriers of my gospel to the islands of the sea—the best I’ve got for good each became the worst that I’ve had to contend with in the business of African slavery.  ‘Black dots’ of hypocrisy—big time!”

What Happens To America Is In the Hands of the Church

             So, I have recorded the judgment for African slavery in my Word, in the fifth Chapter of James.  What happens to America is not up to me, but is in the hands of my Church.  What happens in England, in Holland, in Spain and in Portugal is not up to me, but is in the hands of my Church.  What happens in Australia is not up to me, but is up to my Church, for although the issue there is not African slavery, the same British ‘black dot’ exists there with the Aborigine people.” 

Only South Africa Can Be Spared the Judgment of James 5

Only South Africa is in the position to be spared the judgment of James 5, although she is far from where she needs to be, she is on the right track, saith the Lord.  Although she was forced to, she nevertheless had the wisdom to make the major structural changes in her government to allow me into that nation, and that’s who I’ll use to preach my gospel to all the world for a witness of the second coming of my Son.”  [See file:  South Africa, God's Backup for America's Failure to Deal with Slavery]

It Is Not God Who Will Destroy America 

“No, as I told my servant Oral Roberts in the vision I gave him of a judgment, that I will stay my hand from hitting New York City in 2005, that ‘I will not destroy America, for I have a covenant with her, and she has been the primary carrier and financier of most of the gospel that’s being preached around the world.’  I will not destroy America, but the curse of James 5 will, saith the Lord, if my preachers—my white sons and daughters of the gospel—don’t begin to preach with fire in their bellies the gospel of repentance for the sin of slaverywhich won’t be hard to do, once the decision is made that I am requiring this of my Church—and to preach with the same intensity that America’s future prosperity is wholly dependent on payment of the bill for slavery the way I count money, and not for the chump change that you will want to offer blacks, saith the Lord.” 

The Prayers of Millions of Slaves Are Still In God’s Face Daily 

“African slaves were never taught my Word.  They were given just enough to hopefully keep them thinking about the ‘sweet by-in-by’ rather than the ‘nasty now,’ and to attempt to address the constant fear daily of slave revolts (or as my son, Walter, calls them ‘freedom strikes’), but millions of black slaves over hundreds of years got just enough of me, saith the Lord, to be able to cry out to me with a loud voice, “How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood of them that dwell on the earth5?”

What most of my Church does not even begin to appreciate is that recorded in heaven with me is every prayer in faith that has ever been prayed, and death in the natural does not cause them to go out of existence.  I also have in my halls of tears every tear that has ever been cried in desperation or in longing for me to move on one’s behalf, and that these tears when poured out will reveal with words written what precipitated the cry, and then they are returned to the bottle6, and again stored—forever.

These prayers and those tears of slaves are in my face daily, and I will avenge them speedily upon the earth, saith the Lord.  What happens now is not up to me, but up to you, saith the Lord, for I have said in my Word to ‘Occupy till I come7.’  I have sent a prophet into the land with a message of repentance, and not of judgment.  If you hear him, you will be hearing me on this issue, saith he Lord, for he truly knows just where I am coming from on this issue, saith the Lord of Hosts.

            My Church was silent in Nazi Germany, and judgment came on the Jews first for rejecting my Son—really, for the curse on their nation uttered by the Jewish people themselves8—and then on Germany itself at the close of World II. The curse that I have written in James 5:1-8 fell on America during the Civil War.  Six hundred thirty thousand lives were lost, one hundred thousand more in the North than in the South—all because my Church had kept silent for two hundred and fifty years about the incompatibility of slavery with the law of love.

The curse of James 5 returned on September 11, 2001 in the attack and fall of the World Trade Center twin towers, which I recorded in my Word would occur 700 years before the birth of Jesus by the prophet Isaiah, Chapter 30, verse 25.

This curse for un-repented sin—a particular kind of sin:  slavery—will return in 2005, but because ‘My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge9,’ I will stay its force this once, and it will hang over New York City for a time:  blood, fire and vapor of smoke…in fulfillment of Acts 2:19, and then will be disbursed across America and throughout the world—to every place where other of my sons have either carried or caused to go this race-based economic Christian slavery subsidized by a silent Church.” 

For God’s Word To Fail Would Destroy Both Him and Us 

            “For me to cancel the curse written would cause my Word to fail, and that would destroy both me and you.  So, be clear of my love for you, for each of you, and for this nation that I created and with which I am in covenant.  I will perform all that I have promised and oh, so much, so much more, saith the Lord.  But, I am requiring of America an individual, corporate, national and evangelical repentance, so that we may get to the real business, and that is the second coming of my Son. 

Will America survive and prosper?  It is out of my hands, saith the Lord, for I have given that power unto each of you, saith the Lord.

1 Genesis 10:5, 2 Psalm 119:130, 3 1 Timothy 4:2, 4 1 Peter 4:17, 5 Revelation 5:10, 6 Psalm 56:8, 7 Luke 19:13, 8 Matthew 27:25, 9 Hosea 4:6

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