A prophetic utterance from the Lord, May 5, 2007

[These prophetic utterances have been coming to me in my personal time with the Lord since August 11, 2003.  God has given me the gift and ability to record the voice of His Spirit coming off of my spirit.  Each reader hereto is both invited and encouraged to pray and to judge whether or not God has, in fact, spoken these things to me:  or is speaking them to His Church, the United States of America, or to whomsoever any of these utterances are directed.  This admonition and encouragement is especially directed to those members of the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ who also hear the voice of His Spirit, in whatever manner He chooses to speak to each.

However, the Lord has been silent to speak to me in this particular fashion since some time in 2005. On May 5, 2007, the prophetic utterances began again. What prompted this question was whether I should purchase another web domain address to use as a test sight, and a backup site; as last year a hacker actually hacked into my sight and took it down, and the same devil prompted another individual to steal my laptop, and for a period of time I actually did not have a copy of my finished sight that is on the webI thank God for flash drives. Hallelujah!]

Question: What are you saying, Father?

Answer: I am saying that the Hand of the Lord is with you to take my Gospel throughout the entire world. This is the purpose for which I have created the Internet. You are incomplete in Me without it, for you have a special Anointing to be on it to declare My righteousness through all the earth.

So, sign up in faith, and Ive got your back and your finances too. You are complete in Me, Saith the Lord.

2007 Walter J. Taylor, Walter James Taylor

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