A prophetic utterance from the Lord, February 21, 2005

Question:  Father, how do I use this gift [of recording the voice of His Spirit coming off of my spirit]? 

             Answer:  “The gift, my son, is just that…a gift.  When I am talking the gift will operate and inform and bless as it has many times in the past.  It will flow and flow, and go and flow into the unknown, and I will communicate my wisdom to you, saith the Lord.

When you are attempting to operate the gift, because your spirit is comfortable with this now, it can ‘make me say’ many things that I am not actually saying, some which are true, but most which are not true, saith the Lord.

 Question:  How do I know when you are talking or I am prophesying out of my own spirit”

 Answer:  “Trust me that the gift of discerning of spirits, which I now add to you as a ministry gift, will cause a knowing on the inside of you.  When the utterance is flat and lifeless, you are attempting to cause me to say something that I am not saying, even if the something is true or consistent with my Word, saith the Lord.

When the utterance is inspired by me, saith the Lord, you will experience a deep appreciation and awe of me, and you can sense my Anointing.  When you cannot tell—as you cannot tell right now—go with it, it is probably of me, and if not, I will be faithful to correct you down the road a little, as you have now sensemy Anointing kick in, and you know with your ‘knower’ that this utterance is from me, saith the Lord.”

© 2005 Walter J. Taylor, Walter James Taylor

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