Portion of a prophetic utterance from the Lord, October 9, 2004

Only South Africa Can Be Spared the Judgment of James 5 

“…Only South Africa is in the position to be spared the judgment of James 5, although she is far from where she needs to be, she is on the right track, saith the Lord.  Although she was forced to, she nevertheless had the wisdom to make the major structural changes in her government to allow me into that nation, and that’s who I’ll use to preach my gospel to all the world for a witness of the second coming of my Son. "  [For full text see: The Origins of Racism] 

 A further prophetic utterance from the Lord, October 11, 2004 

Question:  How could America exist and not be used in the end time preaching, and what about the division of the wealth in South Africa?

Answer:  “Leave the division of the wealth issue up to me, saith the Lord.  I know the heart of your question, and I have a plan, and it shall be accomplished, saith the Lord.  As to how could America exist and not be used, you’re right, I cannot destroy her, or more accurately, allow her to be destroyed, because you’re here, saith the Lord.  But, she will be too broke to fund the preaching of anything if she doesn’t repent.  For like the Church at Ephesus, I will put out her light of revelation and allow the darkness of sin to engulf her over this issue of slavery, and it will be just about all her preachers can do or will be able to do, saith the Lord, is to barely stay afloat, saith God.  I know that sounds impossible, but none of you are looking at the things I clearly see, if America turns her back again on me over slavery, saith the Lord.”

© 2005 Walter J. Taylor, Walter James Taylor

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