A Prophetic Utterance from the Lord (9/2/2005)

“Yes, my son, you have rightly discerned that now is the time, the hour, and the place for a second reconstruction, not only a reconstruction to reconstruct the victims of the Hurricane Katrina, but a reconstruction which of necessity must fix, replace, and restore all that was lacking in the first reconstruction of America, saith the Lord.

And, yes, this is why I have raised up my man, my son, and my servant, George W. Bush, and placed him in the White House; and led him in the national liberation and reconstruction of two nations, Afghanistan and Iraq, so that he may now lead this nation in the reconstruction of the lives and communities hit by Katrina, and at the same time fix the much that was lacking in the Reconstruction of 1865.

America knows how to be generous, because of me, and those who have gone before this day in the leadership of every facet of this nation who were of me, saith the Lord.

And now it is time; and I the Lord who founded this nation am calling it into a time of national reflection and repentance for the historical sins of greed and neglect, which are the root causes of these two national disasters that have now come to pass during the Presidency of George W. Bush—September 11th and now Katrina.

American cannot outrun my blessings; neither can she outrun the curse over this great nation for the national sin of slavery:  which is the root cause of both of these disasters.  Neither just happened; and neither can be fixed solely with a national attack on the rubble of the twin towers, or the terrorism that America thinks brought them down, or with the reconstruction that the United States will cheerfully do for the rubble and victims of Katrina, of all races.

But in this process of reconstruction today, and in the days, and months, and years to come, I am calling My Nation to come to grips with the failure of the first reconstruction in the lives of 4 million United States citizens—almost all of whom were my people—who worked for this nation for hundreds of years without pay, were kept in their “place” by a system of institutionalized terror from the cradle to the grave, and then “emancipated” with no land, no money, no guns and no butter; and a “reconstruction” that for only a few included a couple of years of school before the Freedman’s Bureau was abolished.  How pitiful, saith the Lord—terror from the slave masters before the War, and lynchings and the Ku Klux Klan terror after the War—for millions of my people:  emancipated by the 13th Amendment and made citizens by the 14th Amendment, left to this new reign of terror…with no land, no money, and forced to chop the same cotton for the same masters as before the Civil War.

Katrina has uncovered the deep poverty throughout the South (and across the nation) in the lives of many of the same families who were failed by the first reconstruction.  Without a second reconstruction for those of all races whose lives Katrina has damaged, that includes both repentance and a national fix for the first reconstruction, this curse will continue to manifest in national upheavals until the United States looses its position of leadership among the family of nations:  for like I told the Church at Ephesus in the Second Chapter of the Book of Revelation, “except ye repent,” I will put out your lamp of radiance among the nations of the world; because as I have also said in my Word,  “judgment must first begin at the house of God,” saith the Lord of Hosts.  Jesus is my name.

I have recorded the root cause of September 11th and fall of the twin towers in my Word:  James 5, verses 1 through 8, and Isaiah 30, verse 25.  Do not attempt to judge this Word, or to whom it was given, before you—particularly those of you who reverence my Word, and who reverence me and know how to hear from me—first seek me in my Word…for there is no failure in my Word…and then judge this Word from me through my son, and what I am calling you to do in this national repentance, recovery from sin, and season of blessing that I so much want to lavish onto the United States of America.

The ball is in your court.  It is not up to me; but the future of America is up to you…up to each of you.  I am not out of mercy, saith he Lord, but I am out of time, saith God...”

[Later that same day]  “Oh that men would praise me, for all my goodness and all my works to the children of men, saith the Lord, for this is the day and now is the hour for my Glory to be manifested in the earth as never before…for I am handing out and revealing for those of me who will receive it, the knowledge of my glory, and how to use it and to flow in it at will, as my Son and your Savior walked in, and flowed in His ministry while He was on the earth, saith the Lord.

Don’t let your stubborn pride keep you from the manifestations of my Glory as yet never seen in the earth—for the latter Glory shall be far greater than the former, saith the Lord—because so many of you believe that you have no responsibility for the sins of the past, and not even the recent past, and so many other nations owned slaves, saith the Lord.

Concern not yourselves in this hour with what other nations have done in the past, but focus on what I am telling and requiring from each of you in this day, and in this hour, saith the Lord; for you do not see what I see, and do not either realize or appreciate how many millions of cries of, ‘How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth,’ that I still have in my face—and must avenge now, as I posture the nations of the world for the second coming of my Son, saith the Lord.

I am not out of mercy, saith the Lord, but I am out of time, saith God.  What will each of you do with this Word of destiny for each of you, saith the Lord?” 

[c/p. Proverbs 26:2; Revelation 2:5, 6:10; 1 Peter 4:17, James 5:1-8; Isaiah 24:6, 30:25; Habakkuk 2:14]

[For the much that the Lord has spoken to me on the subject of slavery over the past several years:  please visit Wake Up America: The Root Cause of Terrorism is Slavery; Why New York City's Twin Towers Fell; see also the accompanying pages from The Voice on the Lord: The Judgments of James 5 and Slavery, and God's Call to the United States; and It Is Not God That Will Judge the USA]  

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