[These prophetic utterances have been coming to me in my personal time with the Lord since August 11, 2003.  God has given me the gift and ability to record the voice of His Spirit coming off of my spirit.  Each reader hereto is both invited and encouraged to pray and to judge whether or not God has, in fact, spoken these things to me:  or is speaking them to His Church, the United States of America, or to whomsoever any of these utterances are directed.  This admonition and encouragement is especially directed to those members of the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ who also hear the voice of His Spirit, in whatever manner He chooses to speak to each.]


The Role of an Intercessor

Loose the Times and Seasons of Ezekiel 37, 38 & 39

The Abundance of the Sea Shall Be Converted Unto Thee

The O-Zone Is Coming

Prophets With Intelligence Gifts

A Second Coming of the Glory of God

General Encouragement

You Can Be as I Am as Me

I'm a God That's Good to Me

How To Become Just Like God

Simplicity is an Attitude of the Heart

You Can Be an Actor for Jesus

San Francisco: the Holy City

A Wall of Water for San Francisco

Pulling Down the Spirit of Sodom and Whoredoms Over San Francisco

Take San Francisco With a Trumpet and a Shout

My Call to Preach in San Francisco

The Judgments of James 5 and Slavery, and God's Call To the United States

The Judgments of James 5 and Slavery Have Come Upon the US

It Is Not God That Will Judge the USA

The Origins of Racism

A Second Reconstruction Is Now In Order

God's Call to the Bush Administration

A Message from God to White Pastors of Good Will

The Uniqueness of American Slavery

Curse of Welfare & The Law of Repeated Opportunity

Pulling Down the Spirit of Slumber Over the United States on the Issue of Slavery

Don't Rewrite Another Man's History

God Will Speak to the Leadership of a Nation

South Africa - God's Backup for America

The Bill for Slavery Must Be Paid

Reparations Are Not Necessarily the Order of the Day

My Callings From the Lord

A Door of Utterance

How Do I Use This Utterance Gift

One Man Can Make a Difference

Ordained a Prophet to the Nations and this Nation

When I Say Go Roar Into Your Destiny

The Sea that I See is not the Same Sea as the Generals of the Faith See

Unto Me Shall Be the Dividing of the Land

Binding the Spirit of Deception

With the Call Comes the Anointing

Obey the Lord or Be Eaten By Lions

A Special Anointing To Be On the Internet

You Are the Instrument of My Glory

The Beginning of a Great and Glorious Time in God

A Second Coming of the Glory of God

2003-2010 Walter J. Taylor, Walter James Taylor

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