Daniel again seeks the Lord through prayer and fasting


Dan. 10:1  In the third year of Cyrus

[1] king of Persia

[a.] a thing was revealed unto Daniel,

[11.] whose name was called Belteshazzar; and

[12.] the thing [was] true, but

[13.] the time appointed [was] long: and

[14.] he understood the thing, and

[15.] [He] had understanding of the vision [Daniel understood what would happen to Israel in the latter days (vs. 14)].


 10:2  In those days,

[1] I Daniel was mourning

[a.]  three full weeks,

 10:3   [2] I ate no pleasant bread,

[a.] neither came

[11.] flesh

[12.] nor wine in my mouth,

[b.] neither did I anoint myself at all,

[11.] till three whole weeks were fulfilled.


Daniel receives a vision of the glorified Jesus

 10:4  And

[1] in the four and twentieth day of the first month,

[2] as I was by the side of the great river,

[a.] which is Hiddekel;

 10:5   [3] Then I lifted up mine eyes,

[a.] and looked, and

[4] behold a certain man

[a.] clothed in linen [Dan. 12:6],

[b.] whose loins were girded

[11.] with fine gold of Uphaz:

 10:6               [c.] His body also was like the beryl, and

[d.] his face as the appearance of lightning [Rev. 10:1], and

[e.] his eyes as lamps of fire [Rev. 1:14], and

[f.] his arms and his feet

[g.] like in colour to polished brass [Rev. 1:15], and

[h.] the voice of his words

[11.] like the voice of a multitude [Rev. 1:15; Rev. 19:6].  

 10:7 And

[1] I Daniel

[a.] alone saw the vision [the vision of the glorified Jesus]: for

[b.] the men that were with me

[11.] saw not the vision; but

[12.] a great quaking fell upon them,

[aa.] so that they fled to hide themselves.

 10:8  Therefore

[1] I was left alone, and

[2] [I] saw this great vision, and

[3] there remained no strength in me:

[a.] for my comeliness  

[11.] was turned in me into corruption, and

[4] I retained no strength.

 10:9   [5] Yet heard I

[a.] the voice

[11.] of his words: and

[6] when I heard

[a.] the voice

[11.] of his words,

[12.] then was I in a deep sleep

[aa.] on my face, and

[ab.] my face toward the ground.


Daniel receives a second message from the angel, Gabriel


 10:10  And, behold,

[1] an hand touched me [the hand of the angel],

[a.] which set me upon my knees

[11.] and [upon] the palms of my hands.

10:11  And

[2] he said unto me,

[a.] O Daniel,

[11.] a man greatly beloved [the words of the angel, Gabriel (Dan. 9:21; c/p Dan. 10:19)],

[b.] understand the words

[11.] that I speak unto thee, and

[c.] stand upright:

[11.] for unto thee am I now sent. 

[3] And when he had spoken this word unto me,

[a.] I stood trembling.


10:12  Then said he unto me,

[1] Fear not, Daniel: for

[2] from the first day (Dan. 9:23) that thou didst

[a.] set thine heart to understand [understand is given to a pure and diligent heart], and

[b.] to chasten thyself before thy God [another necessary prerequisite for receiving revelation knowledge from God],

[3] thy words were heard, and

[4] I am come for thy words [angels hearken to the voice of our words].

 10:13  But

[5] the prince of the kingdom of Persia [the angelic spirit over the kingdom of Persia]

[a.] withstood me one and twenty days:

[b.] but, lo, Michael (Dan. 10:21),

[11.] one of the chief princes,

[12.] came to help me; and

[aa.] I remained there

[111] with the kings of Persia [fighting the angelic war over Israel (Dan. 10:20)]. 

[The ruler of darkness (Eph 6:12) over the kingdom of Persia withstood God's messenger angel, Gabriel, for 21 days.  God sent the answer to Daniel's prayer on the first day that he set himself to pray and fast.  It took the warrior angel, Michael, to come in and fight in order to loose the blessing of God sent to Daniel.  There is resistance to answered prayer in the kingdom of darkness, but our angels will get our blessings to us—if we do not faint (give up, cave in, or quit)!]

 10:14  [6] Now I am come

[a.] to make thee understand

[11.] what shall befall thy people [the nation of Israel (Dan. 12:1not the Church]

[aa.] in the latter days (Dan. 2:28):

[bb.] for yet the vision [the vision of their glorified Messiah concerns Israel in the latter days]

[111.] [is] for [many] days.


[Scripture does not reveal here what the angel told Daniel concerning Israel in the latter days (c/p. vs. 1).]


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