MARK 13 

Prophecy of the destruction of the temple


Mark 13:1  And as he went out of the temple,

            [1] one of his disciples saith unto him,

[a.] Master,

[11.] see what manner of stones and

[12.] [see] what buildings [are here] [my, how lovely is the Temple!]

 13:2  And Jesus answering said unto him,

            [1] Seest thou these great buildings?

                        [a.] there shall not be left

[11,] one stone upon another,

                                                [aa.] that shall not be thrown down. 

Two Prophetic Questions


 13:3  And as he sat upon the mount of Olives

[1] over against the temple,

            [2] Peter and James and John and Andrew

                        [a.] asked him privately,

 13:4               [b.] Tell us,

[11.] when shall these things be [when shall the temple be destroyed]? and

[12.] what [shall be] the sign

[aa.] when all these things

[111.] shall be fulfilled [what shall be the sign of the fulfillment of all things concerning the temple in Jerusalem]?


1.  When shall the temple be destroyed?


[Jesus’ answer to the first question is not recorded in the Gospel of Mark; see Luke 21:12-24]


2.  What shall be the sign of the fulfillment of all things concerning the temple in Jerusalem?


 13:5  And Jesus answering them began to say,

            [1] Take heed

[a.] lest any [man]

[11.] deceive you:


Signs of the end of the age [1] [before Jesus’ second coming]


 13:6  For

            [1] many shall come in my name,

                        [a.] saying, I am [Christ, the Anointed One, the Messiah];

                        [b.] and shall deceive many.

 13:7  And

            [2] when ye shall hear of wars and

            [3] [when ye shall hear] rumours of wars,

                        [a.] be ye not troubled:

                        [b.] for [such things] must needs be; but

                        [c.] the end [shall] not [be] yet.

 13:8  For

            [4] nation shall rise

[a.] against nation, and

            [5] kingdom [shall rise]

[a.] against kingdom: and

            [6] there shall be earthquakes

[a.] in divers places, and

            [7] there shall be famines

[a.] and troubles:

            [8] these [are] the beginnings of sorrows [sorrows of the nation Israel during the Antichrist Covenant week (Dan. 9:24-27) before the wrath of God is poured out on the world]. 

[1] Before answering His disciples’ questions concerning the temple in Jerusalem, Jesus first sets forth the signs of His second coming [c/p. Matt. 24:4-8; Luke 21:8-11].


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