Jesus’ first and last ministry is confined to the house of Israel


Matt. 10:1  And

[1] when he had called unto him

[a.] his twelve disciples,

[2] he gave them power

[a.] against unclean spirits,

[11.] to cast them out, and

[b.] [power] to heal

[11.] all manner of sickness and

[12.] all manner of disease.


 10:5  These twelve [Apostles]

[1] Jesus sent forth, and

            [2] commanded them, saying,

                        [a.] Go not into the way of the Gentiles, and

                        [b.] [go not] into [any] city of the Samaritans

[11.] enter ye not:

 10:6  But       [c.] go rather to the lost sheep

[11.] of the house of Israel [go to whomever the Lord shall send you].


Freely receive, freely give


 10:7  And      [d.] as ye go,

                                    [11.] preach, saying,

[aa.] The kingdom of heaven [the rule of heaven over the earth]

[111.] is at hand.

 10:8                           [12.] Heal the sick,

                                    [13.] cleanse the lepers,

                                    [14.] raise the dead,

                                    [15.] cast out devils:

                                    [16.] freely ye have received,

                                                [aa.] freely give. 

Principles of Christian evangelism

  10:16  Behold,

            [1] I send you forth

                        [a.] as sheep in the midst of wolves:

            [2] be ye therefore

                        [a.] wise as serpents, and

                        [b.] harmless as doves.


Persecution of Jewish evangelists in the early Church and in the latter days


 10:17  But beware of men:

            [1] for they will deliver you up

[a.] to the councils [religious councils: the Sanhedrin in the early church and its counterpart in the latter days], and

            [2] they will scourge you

[a.] in their synagogues [this very clearly is a Jewish matter];

 10:18  And

[3] ye shall be brought before

                        [a.] governors and

                        [b.] kings

                                    [11.] for my sake,

                                    [12.] for a testimony

[aa.] against them and

                                    [13.] [for a testimony against] the Gentiles.


Witness of the Holy Spirit

  10:19  But

            [4] when they deliver you up,

                        [a.] take no thought

[11.] how or what ye shall speak:

                                                [aa.] for it shall be given you

[111.] in that same hour

[aaa.] what ye shall speak.

 10:20                                     [ab.] For it is not ye that speak,

                                                            [111.] but the Spirit of your Father

[aaa.] which speaketh in you.


Some Jewish carriers of the gospel will be delivered to death by family members


 10:21  And [note how this passage is applied in Matt. 24:10, Mark 13:12, and Luke 21:16]

            [5] the brother shall deliver up

[a.] the brother to death, and

            [6] the father [shall deliver]

[b.] the child [to death]: and

            [7] the children shall rise up against

[a.] [their] parents, and

                                    [11.] cause them to be put to death.


Jewish Christians: the hated of all men following the Rapture of the Church


 10:22  And

[8] ye [Jewish Christian carriers of the gospel following the Rapture of the Church] shall be hated of all [men]

                        [a.] for my name's sake:

            [9] but he that endureth to the end [the second coming of Jesus]

[a.] shall be saved [c/p. Matt. 24:14; Mark 13:13].

 10:23  But

            [10] when they persecute you in this city [of Israel],

                        [a.] flee ye into another:

[11.] for verily I say unto you,

[aa.] Ye shall not have gone over

[111.] the cities of Israel [Jesus is talking about the cities of Israel being evangelized during the time of Jacob’s trouble: the last 3 ˝ years of The Antichrist Covenant week of years following the mid-week Rapture of the Church between the 5th and 6th seals of Revelation (see also Jer. 30:7; Dan. 9:24-27)],

[b.] till the Son of man be come [until the second coming of Jesus to reign on the earth].


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