DANIEL 11 Pg 2


Antiochus Epiphanes: a composite drawing of the Antichrist


He obtains the kingdom by flatteries


 11:21  And in his estate [succeeding Seleucus IV to the throne was Antiochus Epiphanes, who is a composite drawing of the Antichrist to come]

[1] shall stand up a vile person [Antiochus Epiphanes],

[a.] to whom they shall not give

[11.] the honour of the kingdom: but

[b.] he shall come in peaceably (vs. 24), and

[c.] [he shall] obtain the kingdom by flatteries. 

He is in league with the corrupted Jewish high priest 

 11:22  And

[2] with the arms of a flood

[a.] shall they be overflown

[11.] from before him, and

[b.] shall be broken; yea, also

[11.] the prince [ruler] of the covenant [the Jewish high priest, not the Pope].

 11:23  And

[3] after the league [made] with him

[a.] he shall work deceitfully:

[11.] for he shall come up, and

[12.] [he] shall become strong

[aa.] with a small [few] people.


He enters peaceably


 11:24  [4] He shall enter peaceably (vs. 21)

[a.] even upon the fattest [riches] places

[11.] of the province; and

            [5] he shall do

[a.] [that] which his fathers have not done [give away money and fellowship with Jews],

[11.] nor his fathers' fathers:

            [6] he shall scatter among them

[a.] the prey,

[b.] and spoil,

[c.] and riches: [yea], and

            [7] he shall forecast his devices [devise plots]

[a.] against the strong holds,

[11.] even for a time [one year].


Egypt shall again fall to Syria—at the appointed set time


 11:25  And

[1] he [king of the north / the Antichrist]

[a.] shall stir up his power and his courage

[11.] against the king of the south [Egypt]

[aa.] with a great army; and

[2] the king of the south

[a.] shall be stirred up to battle

[11.] with a very great and mighty army;

[b.] but he shall not stand:

[11.] for they shall forecast devices [devise plots] against him.

11:26  Yea,    [c.] they that feed of the portion of his meat [those who eat his food]

[11.] shall destroy him [the king of Egypt shall be assassinated], and

[d.] his army shall overflow: and

[11.] many shall fall down slain.

11:27  And

[3] both these kings' hearts

[a.] [shall be] to do mischief [evil], and

[b.] they shall speak lies at one table [the conference table];

[11.] but it shall not prosper:

[12.] for yet the end [shall be]

[aa.] at the time appointed [at the set time] [at the appointedset timethe end shall be: Egypt shall fall to Syria.]. 


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