DANIEL 11 Pg 3


The Antichrist now turns against Israelat the appointed set time


 11:28  [1] Then shall he [the Antichrist] return into his land [Syria]

[a.] with great riches [the wealth of Egypt (Dan. 11:43)]; and

[2] his heart [shall be] against the holy covenant [the covenant of blessing that God made with Abraham (Gen. 12:1-3), and the restored Law of Moses]; and

[3] he shall do [exploits],

[a.] and return to his own land.

11:29  At the time appointed [at the set time]

[1] he shall return, and

[2] [he shall] come toward the south [toward Israel];

[a.] but it shall not be as the former,

[11.] or as the latter.

 11:30  For

[3] the ships of Chittim [Rome / the 10-nation confederacy]

[a.] shall come against him:

[b.] therefore he shall be grieved,

[11.] and return, and

[4] [he shall] have indignation [be furious]

[a.] against the holy covenant (vs. 28):

[5] so shall he do;

[a.] he shall even return, and

[b.] [he shall] have intelligence [he shall confer with]

[11.] with them that forsake

[aa.] the holy covenant [the compromising Jews].


A composite drawing of Midweek

(Dan. 9:27)


 11:31  And arms shall stand on his part, and

            [1] they shall pollute the sanctuary of strength, and

            [2] shall take away the daily [sacrifice] [animal sacrifices under the restored Law of Moses], and

            [3] they shall place the abomination

[a.] that maketh desolate [sacrifice a pig of the alter].


 11:32  And such as do wickedly against the covenant (vs. 28)

[1] shall he corrupt by flatteries [the compromising Jews]: but

[a.] the people that do know their God [Jews born again after the Rapture of the Church]

[11.] shall be strong, and

[12.] do [exploits].


 11:33  And they that understand

[1] among the people (vs. 35)

[a.] shall instruct many:

[b.] yet they shall fall [the men of understanding and the people] by the

[11.] sword, and by

[12.] flame, by

[13.] captivity, and by

[14.] spoil, [many] days.  [Those that understand among the people are born again Jews who, like Daniel (vs. 9:2), “understand by books” that they missed the first coming of their Messiah; and that they are in the middle of Daniel’s 70th week (Dan. 9:24-27).  For this knowledge they are killed, but have their part in the kingdom at Messiah’s second coming (Dan. 12:10, Dan. 12:13).]

 11:34  Now

[2] when they shall fall [the men of understanding],

[a.] they shall be holpen [helped]

[11.] with a little help:

[b.] but many shall cleave to them

[11.] with flatteries [hypocrisy]. 


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