MATTHEW 23-24 Pg 4


3.  What shall be the sign of Jesus’ second coming to the earth [1]?


 24:29  Immediately after the tribulation

[1] of those days [(Matt. 24:21) after the 7th seal, the 7 trumpet judgments, and the 7 vials of the wrath of God (Rev. 16)] shall

                        [a.] the sun

[11.] be darkened [Mark 13:24], and

                        [b.] the moon

[11.] shall not give her light, and

                        [c.] the stars [the forces of darkness; meteors and meteorites also]

[11.] shall fall from heaven [the war in the heavenlies of Rev. 12:7 where Satan and his angles are cast into the earth having but a short time to accomplish his will], and

                        [d.] the powers of the heavens [the kingdom of Satan]

[11.] shall be shaken:

 24:30  And

                        [f.] then shall appear

                                    [11.] the sign

[aa.] of the Son of man

[111.] in heaven: and

                        [g.] then shall

                                    [11.] all the tribes of the earth mourn, and

[11.] they shall see

[aa.] the Son of man coming [to the Mount of Olives (Zech. 14:4)]

                                                            [111.] in the clouds of heaven

                                                            [112.] with power and

                                                            [113.] [with] great glory.


Behold the fig tree


 24:31  And [then]

           [1] he shall send his angels

                        [a.] with a great sound of a trumpet, and

            [2] they shall gather together

[a.] his elect [of the 12 tribes of Israel]

[11.] from the four winds [from the four corners of the earth],

                        [a.] from one end of heaven

[11.] to the other.

 24:32  Now

[3] learn a parable

[a.] of the fig tree [the nation, Israel (Mark 13:28; Luke 21:29)];

                                    [11.] When his branch is yet tender, and

                                                [aa.] putteth forth leaves,

[111.] ye know that summer [is] nigh [harvest time]:

 24:33  So likewise ye,

            [4] when ye shall see

[a.] all these things [happening to the fig tree],

            [5] know that it is near,

[a.] [even] at the doors.


 24:34  Verily I say unto you,

            [6] This generation [the generation that sees all these things]

[a.] shall not pass,

                                    [11.] till all these things

[aa.] be fulfilled.

 24:35  [7] Heaven and earth

[a.] shall pass away, but

                                    [11.] my words

[aa.] shall not pass away.


 24:36  [8] But of that day and hour

                        [a.] knoweth no [man], no,

                        [b.] not the angels of heaven,

                                    [11.] but my Father only [c/p. Matt. 24:50; Acts 1:7; Matt. 25:13].


[1] These signs occur after the close of the Antichrist Covenant week, in the 75 days before the second coming of Jesus to reign over the earth (Dan. 12:11-12 ; see also The Chronological Order of Revelation).


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