The little horn comes out of one of the four divisions of the Greek Empire


8:9 And

[1] out of one of them [out of the four divisions of the Grecian Empire (vs. 5-8)] came forth

[a.] a little horn [out of the Seleucid division of Syria, came Antiochus Epiphanes: who in many respects is a composite drawing of the Antichrist yet to come; see How To Quickly Locate the Antichrist in Scripture; see also Dan. 7:8Dan. 7:11; Dan. 7:20; Dan. 7:24-25; Dan. 8:9],

[11.] which waxed exceeding great,

[aa.] toward the south, and

[bb.] toward the east, and

[cc.] toward the pleasant [land] [of Israel].

8:10 And

[2] it [he] waxed great,

[a.] [even] to the host of heaven; and

[3] it [he] cast down [some]

[a.] of the host and

[b.] of the stars

[11.] to the ground, and

[12.] stamped upon them.

8:11 Yea,

[4] he magnified [himself]

[a.] even to the prince of the host [the Lord, Jehovah], and

[b.] by him the daily [sacrifice]

[11.] was taken away, and

[c.] [by him] the place of his sanctuary [the rebuilt temple in Jerusalem where the nation Israel has restored temple worship and animal sacrifices under the re-instituted Law of Moses]

[11.] was cast down [like Antiochus Epiphanes, the Antichrist will offer a swine upon the alter in Jerusalem (Dan. 9:27; c/p. 1 Maccabees 1:44-50).

8:12 And

[5] an host was given [him]

[a.] against the daily [sacrifice]

[11.] by reason of transgression, and

[6] it [he] cast down the truth [the Word of God]

[a.] to the ground; and

[7] it [he] practiced, and

[8] [he] prospered [moved forward with dispatch].


The vision of 2300 evenings and mornings


8:13 Then [after the daily sacrifice was taken away] I heard

[1] one saint speaking, and

[2] another saint said

[a.] unto that certain [saint] which spake,

[b.] How long (Dan. 12:6; c/p. Rev. 6:10) [shall be] the vision [concerning]

[11.] the daily [sacrifice], and

[12.] the transgression of desolation,

to give both

[aa.] the sanctuary and

[bb.] the host to be trodden under foot?


8:14 And he [the certain saint] said unto me,

[1] Unto two thousand and three hundred days [Lit: 2300 evenings and mornings (Dan. 8:26), or 1150 days; The Vision Is Sealed Until the Time of the End];

[2] then shall the sanctuary be cleansed [through some miraculous and supernatural event which God has kept hidden (from the Devil) a remnant of Israel will regain control of the temple in Jerusalem: 1150 days after the Antichrist: breaks his covenant with Israel and seizes and desecrates the temple (Dan. 9:27).]


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