From Daniel (cont)

31.  He shall come against the king of the south [Egypt]...and prevail (Dan. 11:25, Dan. 11:40)

32.  It is in his heart to do mischief

33.  He speaks lies at the conference table

34.  He shall return to his land [Syria] with great riches [from Egypt (Dan. 11:28)]

35.  His heart is against the holy covenant...with indignation

36.  He shall do exploits and [then] return to his land

37.  He will pollute the sanctuary of strength

38.  He will cause many to fall [by the sword, flame, captivity, and spoil (Dan.11:33)]

39.  He will do according to his will (Dan. 11:36)

40.  He will exalt himself

41.  He will magnify himself above every god

42.  He will speak marvelous things against the God of gods

43.  He will prosper until his time has run its course

44.  He will not regard the God of his fathers (Dan 11:37)

45.  He will not regard the desire [delight] of women [a homosexual?]

46.  He will not regard any god

47.  He shall magnify himself above all [the pride of his father, Satan]

48.  He shall honor the god of forces/fortresses [light] with gold, silver, precious stones, and pleasant things (Dan 11:38, Dan. 11:43)

49.  He shall acknowledge and increase with glory an alien god [mammon, the Syriac god of money (Dan 11:38-39)]

50.  He makes money to rule over many

51.  He divides the land for gain

52.  At the time of the end the king of the north [the Antichrist] counterattacks the king of the south [Egypt] like a whirlwind; and enters in, overflows and passes over it with chariots, horseman, many ships (Dan. 11:25, Dan. 11:40, Dan. 11:42)

53.  He also enters Israel and overthrows it and many other countries (Dan. 11:41)

54.  But Edom, and Moab, and the chief of the children of Ammon escape out of his hand [it is in these 3 areas--Jordan--that the remnant of Israel is hidden during the wrath of God (Rev. 12:1, Rev. 12:6, Rev. 12:14)]

55.  He exercises dominion over the gold, silver and all the precious things of Egypt, Libya and Ethiopia (Dan 11:38, Dan. 11:43)

56.  He is troubled by activities out of the east [Iraq and the kings of the east] and out of the north [Turkey and/or Russia, who wants the money of Dan 11:38 & Dan. 11:43]

57.  Therefore, he goes forth with fury to destroy and make away many (Dan. 11:44)

58.  He breaks his covenant with Israel and enters the temple in Jerusalem (Dan. 9:27; Dan. 11:44)

59.  Yet he shall come to his end, and none shall help him (Dan. 11:45, Rev. 19:20)  

Political Babylon—the Antichrist: the Beast Out of the Sea

Revelation 13:1-10

1.      He is called the beast out of the sea [of diverse peoples (vs. 1) (Dan. 7:3) ]

2.      He has seven heads [the demonic force which has controlled the 7 world kingdoms which have or will rule Israel--six in the past:  Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, and Rome; and one which is yet to come: Revised Rome (Rev. 17:3)]

3.      He has ten horns [a 10-nation confederacy]

4.      He has upon his horns ten crowns [the kings of these kingdoms/nations]

5.      Upon his heads is the name of blasphemy [name, not names (c/p. Rev. 17:3)]

6.      He was like a leopard [Greece (vs. 2) (Dan. 7:6)]

7.      He had feet as the feet of a bear [Medo-Persia (Dan. 7:5)]

8.      His mouth was as the mouth of a lion [Babylon (Dan. 7:4)]

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