During the final days of this age, Satan attacks the saved remnant of Israel:

these overcome by death


12:10  And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven,

[1] Now is come [Jesus is about to establish His Kingdom, apparently within 75 days (Dan. 12:11-12)]

                        [a.] salvation, and

                        [b.] strength, and

                        [c.] the kingdom of our God [the millennial reign of Jesus over the earth], and

                        [d.] the power of his Christ [His Anointed One]: for

                                    [11.] the accuser of our brethren [Jews]

[aa.] is cast down (Rev. 12:9),

                                    [12.] which accused them [for rejecting their Messiah in His first advent]

[aa.] before our God day and night.

 12:11  And they [our Jewish brethren]

[1] overcame him [Satan]

                        [a.] by [reason of] the blood

                                    [11.] of the Lamb, and

[b.] by [reason of] the word

            [11.] of their testimony [testimony about the blood of Jesus (c/p. Rev. 1:9; Rev. 6:9; Rev. 20:4)]; and they

            [2] loved not their lives

                        [a.] unto the death [these overcome by death (c/p. Rev. 20:4)].


The third woe is announced:

the Antichrist Covenant week is over


 12:12  Therefore rejoice,

[1] [ye] heavens, and

[2] ye that dwell in them [your prayers of Rev. 8:1 are being answered].

Woe to the inhabiters

[a.] of the earth and

[b.] of the sea [people are living in the sea (Rev. 16:3)]!

[11.] for the devil is come down unto you [this is the third woe],

[aa.] having great wrath, because

[111.] he knoweth

            [aaa.] that he hath but a short time [approximately 75 days before the second coming of Jesus to reign over the earth (Dan. 12:11-12)].


The saved remnant of Israel is persecuted by the Devil


 12:13  And when the dragon saw that

            [1] he was cast unto the earth [by Michael and his angels; Rev. 12:9],

            [2] he persecuted the woman [the remnant of the seed of Israel (vs.17), two-thirds of which are killed (Zech. 13:8-9]

[a.] which brought forth the man [child] [the 144,000; Rev. 12:5].


Parenthetical detail from midweek


12:14  And to the woman [c/p. Rev. 12:6]

            [1] were given two wings of a great eagle,

[a.] that she might fly into the wilderness,

[11.] into her place [possibly the rock-hewn city of Petra in Jordan],

                                    [12.] where she is nourished

[aa.] for a time, and times, and half a time [3 ˝ years; c/p. (Rev. 12:6)],

[111.] from the face of the serpent.                       

 12:15  And the serpent

            [1] cast out of his mouth

                        [a.] water as a flood [1]

            [11.] after the woman,

                                    [12.] that he might cause her to be

                                                [aa.] carried away of the flood.

 12:16  And

            [1] the earth helped the woman, and

            [2] the earth opened her mouth, and

            [3] [the earth] swallowed up the flood

[a.] which the dragon cast out of his mouth.


Satan’s final attack against Christian Jews


 12:17  And the dragon

            [1] was wroth with the woman [because he couldn’t destroy the Jewish nation], and

            [2] went to make war

[a.] with the remnant of her seed, which                 

[11.] keep the commandments of God [the Sabbath/Jews (Rev. 14:12)], and

[12.] have the testimony (Rev. 12:11)

            [aa.] of Jesus Christ [the Anointed One] [these are born again Jews, saved since the midweek Rapture of the Church under the ministry of the two witnesses and the 144,000].


     [1] While crossing the Jordan river valley in their escape to the nation of Jordan, Satan causes a great earthquake and gale in the Sea of Galilee or the Dead Sea (or both) to cause a great flash flood like a title wave coming down the Jordan valley to attempt to drown the remnant of Israel fleeing into the wilderness.  God opens up the great fault under the Jordan river to swallow up the flood and save the remnant of Israel (Rev. 12:15-16).  [Satan brought a similar earthquake and gale on the Sea of Galilee during the ministry of Jesus to attempt to kill Him and His disciples (Matt. 8:24), where the Greek word, seismos (Strong’s #4578) is translated tempest in the King James Bible.]


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